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Bailing Hay In Florida

Florida Hay Sales & Hauling

Hay! What are you feeding your horses and livestock?

Round & Square Hay Bales For Sale In Central Florida

Reeves Land Services provides high-quality hay to our clients and their animals across all of Central Florida. We grow and bale our own hay fields and know what it takes to grow quality hay that can be fed to horses and cattle. We maintain all our fields from planting, to baling and hauling. We cut the hay when it is fully grown, but it must be done when there are 3 -5 days of dry sunny weather so the hay can dry. This isn’t always easy in the hot tropical summers we have in Central Florida. After drying the hay in the fields for 3-5 days, we rake into rows to be picked up by the baler. We bale the hay in either square bales or large round bales. Square bales are typically used to feed horses or any animal that is fed in small feedings. Round bales are used primarily for cattle but can be used for any pasture feedings. Once the hay is baled we stack it and haul it to the barns for storage and sales. We also provide direct delivery straight to our customer’s farm.

We grow Tifton 44 hay all year long in Central Florida. This is a fine stemmed F1 hybrid Bermuda grass, which is a darker green color, has finer stems and cures faster when cut for hay then coastal Bermuda. This is great hay for cattle and horses.

During the summer months, we grow Peanut hay. This is high-quality hay that grows well in the tropical weather we have in Central Florida. Peanut hay is a great substitute for Alfalfa hay. Peanut hay is a great choice for horses, dairy cattle, beef cattle, hogs, goats and sheep.

Orchard Canadian Alfalfa is grown during the winter months. This hay is a great choice for horses and livestock alike.

Call us at (352) 206-4643 for pricing on our round or square bales. We are located in Dade City, FL if you wish to pick up your own hay.

Baled hay ready for sales in Central Florida.

We can haul hay for you as well.

Sometimes purchasing all the equipment needed to harvest a hay field is just not realistic. You will need a tractor, mower, rake, square baler or round baler and a large truck and trailer to haul your hay to storage.  We can haul hay for you. If you don’t have the truck and trailer, you can hire us to pick up your hay and transport it to/from your farm.

If you are ready for us to haul your hay supply and are located in Central Florida, call us at (352) 206-4643 or complete our online consultation form.


Square hay bales to be fed to Florida cattle.

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