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Bush Hogging Georgia Field

Georgia Bush Hog Mowing Service

Mowing large properties, fields, roadsides, medians, ditches and more in Georgia.

What is a bush hog?

Even though they may share a common name, a bush hog is not a pig, it is a type of mower! A bush hog is an oversized mower (or attachment for a tractor) that is used primarily to mow large areas of land, overgrown properties, roadways, medians and ditches.

Using a bush hog mower for large properties in Georgia is recommended because they are wide, extremely durable and made for thick, overgrown grass and even small vegetation. The bush hogs we use are 8ft and 16ft wide, allowing us to cover more ground in less time! Bush hogs are especially popular in Georgia because of our warm climate causing year-round growth of thick grass.

Bush Hogging Richmond, Georgia

Why hire us to bush hog your Georgia property?

You may wonder, what is the benefit of hiring us to bush hog your property when you have your own mower? The chances are, if you're reading this, then you've already found out why! Besides the time factor, the main reason our customers contract us is because a residential (and even commercial) mower doesn't have the durability or power to cut through a thick or overgrown Georgia field. Here are some of the most common benefits of using a bush hog.

  • Speed - Since bush hogs are much larger than standard mowers, we can cut more grass in less time.
  • Application - Bush hogs can cut more than just fields, we also cut roadsides and ditches.
  • Terrain - Our bush hogs attach to our tractors, allowing us to handle many different terrains.

Our bush hogging services are currently available to customers in Richmond, Burke, and Jefferson counties in Georgia. If you're unsure if we service your area, just give us a call at (352) 206-4643 and we'll be happy to let you know. We are providing bush hogging service for residential, commercial, county and municipal properties.

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