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Wooded land in Georgia cleared with Forestry Mulching service.

Forestry Mulching Service In Georgia

Forestry mulching is the most efficient method for clearing wooded land with zero waste!

What is forestry mulching?

Forestry mulching is an innovative way to clear wooded land using a single machine with a rotating drum that first cuts the vegetation, then grinds it into small chips (hence the name "mulch"). When using the forestry mulch technique to clear land, all of the mulch chips created by the machine are left on the ground, which creates a natural erosion barrier and returns nutrients back to the soil through decomposition. Forestry mulching is also one of the best methods to clear wooded land without disturbing the vegetation/trees you'd like to keep.

Forestry mulching is best utilized when a majority of the property to be cleared is covered in medium to small trees and other vegetation. Our forestry mulching machines can typically handle trees up to 6 inches in diameter. For many wooded properties we see in Georgia, forestry mulching is a great option and can handle the entire job.

Horizatonal forestry mulching machine on CAT in Georgia.

Why use forestry mulching instead of a bulldozer?

There are many advantages to using a forestry mulching machine over a bulldozer, here are the most common:

  • Zero waste, with no removal or burning of debris.
  • Selective clearing and invasive species control.
  • Land is cleared with a single machine, whereas a bulldozer requires the assistance of excavators, wood chippers and possibly hauling equipment.
  • Forestry mulching machines operate much better on hills/slopes and on poor ground conditions, something we commonly see in Georgia land.
  • Less erosion of land because vegetation is cut and ground up instead of pushed over.

Do you have some property in Georgia needing cleared that would be perfect for forestry mulching? If so, give us call at (352) 206-4643 or complete the consultation request form on our website. We offer our forestry mulching services to customers in Richmond, Burke, and Jefferson counties in Georgia.

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