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Home in Georgia being leveled and graded with fill dirt.

Georgia Land Grading, Leveling & Fill Dirt

Expert land grading, laser grading, leveling and fill dirt services for properties in Georgia.

Land leveling and grading service in Georgia.

Reeves Land Services Property Grading

Since Georgia is full of hills, our land needs to be leveled for any type of building or construction to take place. If the property to be leveled has trees and other vegetation, our land clearing service would be required before we can begin to level/grade your property.

Once the property is clear, our land leveling and grading service typically involves building up the area with fill dirt that is brought in, and/or excavated from higher sections of the land being graded. Once the area has been prepared, we'll do a rough grading using a scraper or bulldozer, followed up by our grader to create a finish grade with the precision required. If you require very precise leveling, we'll need to use our laser grading technique.

When we level land, we always make sure the grading is done to handle drainage. This is where we grade at a slight angle so water naturally runs away from the area being leveled. This is extremely important when grading to prepare a site to build a home, building or other structure.

Laser grading service, the precision you need.

Horse arena that has had laser grading service in Georgia.

Laser grading is not something many land service contractors in Georgia can provide. Laser grading is the technique we use when precision is key. With laser grading, we can guarantee the land to be within 1/8" of the desired slope! Laser grading uses special equipment and technology that communicates using a transmitter from the laser to the machine. The machine will automatically adjust the blade to the appropriate slope for the current location.

If you think your project needs laser grading, check out some of the most common uses that we see here in Georgia:

  • Horse Riding Arenas
  • Athletic Fields
  • Commercial Buildings/Warehouses
  • Condo & Apartments
  • Housing Subdivisions

We offer our land leveling, grading and fill dirt services to customers in Richmond, Burke, and Jefferson counties in Georgia. If you would like to inquire about this service, please give us a call at (352) 206-4643 or complete our online consultation form.

Check out some of our grading and fill dirt projects!

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