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Tree Removal & Clearing

Rely on Reeves Land Services to take care of large-scale tree removal in Ocala. Our experts can prepare open spaces for a new purpose by clearing overgrown forestry and brush.

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Benefits of Tree Removal and Clearing

Tree removal is a key step in transforming forested areas into something more usable. The process most often precedes a new construction project. However, it also comes with the benefits of making the land safer for specific agricultural or environmental purposes.

Tree removal is helpful for fence or pipeline installation and maintenance. Overgrown brush and expanding tree roots can hinder access to pipelines. When this occurs, repair crews face difficulties getting around the obstacles.

Certain property owners wishing to clear horse trails, ATV pathways, and nearby roads can also benefit from a tree removal project by Reeves Land Services.

Full lot clearing doesn’t always mean that trees are gone for good. You may opt for large-scale clearing as an effective way to remove many fallen or dead trees all at once so you can refill the space with replacement trees.

What To Expect During the Tree Clearing Process

Choosing Reeves Land Services for your tree removal and lot clearing guarantees your private property will soon become a blank canvas you can customize however you like. Our process involves a few logistical details and strategic steps once we begin tree clearing.

Before any lot clearing job, surveying the land is important to determine the project’s scope. Logistics such as obtaining a tree removal permit or conducting an arborist report are vital.

Once our team is ready to start clearing a lot, you can expect the removal of brush, debris, and rocks. We use industry-leading equipment to clear the area of trees ranging from only a few inches in diameter to massive trunks. We clear lots of tree stumps and can form either logs or mulch from the cleared trees.


Tree Removal 

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Grading & Fill Dirt

Reeves Land Services provided asphalt millings & grading services for our driveway. Professional, courteous, responsive, prompt, and efficient. We have plans for more of the same kind of work in the near future & this is the company we will use for the job. Very satisfied with all aspects of product & services.
Angie Alston

Forest Mulching

I absolutely recommend Teeves Land Services! They arrived on time, had some of the best equipment and were affordably priced. The operator was very efficient with the forest mulching and bush hogging. I have 10 more acres to clear in the near future and I will definitely be giving them a call. Outstanding service!!
Dr John Penny


Great experience dealing with Tony Reeves. The most honest and trustworthy individual I ever dealt with in his line of work. He was right on price, beyond excellent on the work, and always right on time. There is no doubt that I will be using him and his company over and over for future projects.
Ed Daniels
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer stump grinding services?

No not at this time.

Do you handle disposal of the cleared materials?

Yes we do.

Do you have the necessary equipment to handle the job?

In almost any case, we have the equipment to get the job done.

Do you offer tree trimming and pruning?

No. We only do heavy tree removal and clearing.
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